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吴克宁, 赵 瑞
关键词:  土粒分级  土壤质地分类  分类标准  美国制
Soil Texture Classification and Its Application in China
WU Kening, ZHAO Rui
School of Land Science and Technology, China University of Geoscience
【Objective】 Soil texture is one of the important physical propertries of soil, which seriously affects the water holding and ventilation characteristics of soil. It is significant to study the unified soil texture classification system.【Method】In view of the chaos phenomenon of using soil texture classification systems in China, the study introduces some important standards for grading of soil particles prevailing home and abroad, compares the characteristics of four soil texture classification systems, and retrospects the use of the experiment-CCCP’s Kazhinski system during the first phase of the Second National Soil Survey of China and the shift to the international system later, with focus on comparison of the standards for soil texture classification adopted by the nation and various departments in the country. 【Result】Nowadays, there is no such a soil texture classification system that can universally be used in China.【Conclusion】It is, therefore, recommended to use the American system .
Key words:  Soil particle grading  Soil texture classification  Classification criteria  American system