Effect of long-term fertilization on soil collembola community in fluvo-aquic soil in North China

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    A long-term fertilization experiment was conducted to study community structure and diversity of soil collembola in fluvo-aquic soil in North China.The experiment was designed to have 7 treatments, i.e.combined application of N, P and K (NPK), combined application of N and K fertilizer (NK), combined application of N and P (NP), combined application of P and K (PK), application of organic manure (OM), combined application of organic manure and NPK (organic nitrogen∶fertilizer nitrogen=1∶1) (MNPK) and no-fertilizer treatment (CK).Results showed that the average collembola density of the seven treatments was 30 000 m-2, and application of organic manure significantly increased the size of the soil collembola community, while soil phosphorus content is probably one of the limiting factors for abundance of soil collembola in this region.Soil collembola diversity was higher in Treatments OM and MNPK; and the highest similarity index was observed between Treatments OM and NPK, the runner-up between Treatments NPK and MNPK,and the lowest between CK and any other treatments. The experiment demonstrated high preference of collembola for soil environment. Most genera of collembola were positively related with OM application. Positive response was observed of Isotoma and Xenylla in Treatment MNPK, and somewhat of Hypogastrura and Sminthurinus in Treatment PK. Fertilization also affected vertical distribution of soil collembolan.In Treatments MNPK, NPK and OM they tended to reside in 0-10 cm soil layers , while in Treatment NK and CK they did in 10-20 cm soil layers.The quantitative indices of soil collembolan (such as number of individuals, number of orders and diversity), being very sensitive to fertilization, can be cited as an important indicator in soil quality evaluation.

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ZHU Qiang-Gen, ZHU An-Ning, ZHANG Jia-Bao. Effect of long-term fertilization on soil collembola community in fluvo-aquic soil in North China[J]. Acta Pedologica Sinica,2010,47(5):946-952.

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