Inversion of spatial pattern of organic matter contents in black soil based on TM Data

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    Soil samples were collected in the black soil region of Jilin Province and corresponding Landsat TM remote sensing images of the region were acquired. Based on the quantitative relationship between content of soil organic matter (SOM) and soil spectral reflectance, SOM distribution related bands, TM1 and TM5, were screened out and a regional remote sensing-based soil organic matter prediction model was built. Results show that logarithm values of the surface soil organic matter content in study area was in a significantly negative relationship with the DN(Digital Number) values of TM1 and TM5, which met the two polynomial regression. Based on the DN values of TM1 and TM5, the model was used to predict soil organic matter contents in the surface soil layer of the region with sound reliability. The soils with SOM < 15 g kg-1 in the surface layer were mainly distributed in the eastern part of the region, those with SOM content ranging between 15 and 20 g kg-1 mainly in the central part, and those between 20 and 25 g kg-1 mainly in the western part. The investigation indicates that the soils in the eastern and central parts of the region are mainly typical black soils, high in terrain position and hence good in drainage, while those in the western part are mainly meadow black soils, flat in landform, moderate in groundwater table and adequate in soil moisture, and hence high in organic matter content.

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Song Jinhong, Wu Jinggui, Zhao Xinyu, Cao Ling. Inversion of spatial pattern of organic matter contents in black soil based on TM Data[J]. Acta Pedologica Sinica,2015,52(6):1422-1429.

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