Analysis of soil fertility and fertilizer efficiency of maize field in Shaanxi

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    In order to have a better understanding of soil fertility and fertilizer efficiency of the maize fields in Shaanxi Province after the extension of the technology of soil testing-based formulated fertilization in 2005—2009 in Weibei Plateau, Guanzhong Irrigation Zone and Qinba Mountainous Area of Shaanxi, collected for analysis were data of 7 416 soilsamples and 913 samples of the “3414” fertilizer tests and from sampling surveys of 23492 households in 75 counties involved in the extension.Results show that the content of soil organic matter, alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen, available phosphorus and readily available potassium in the maize fields of Shaanxi was 15.2 gkg-1, 72.7 mgkg-1, 19.7 mgkg-1 and 153.9 mgkg-1, respectively, on average. Among the areas surveyed, the Qinba Mountainous Area was the highest in content of soil organic matter and soil alkali-hydrolyzable nitrogen and the Guanzhong Irrigation Zone was in content of soil available phosphorus and soil readily available potassium. In 2000, the inputs of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P2O5) and potassium (K2O)reached 225.00 kghm-2, 63.00 kghm-2and 19.65 kghm-2, being 114%, 500% and 1 300% higher than that in the 1980s respectively. As a result, the maize fields of Shaanxi still show a nitrogen surplus of 60.0 kghm-2 and a phosphorus and potassium deficit of 4.5 kghm-2and 166.5 kghm-2, respectively.It is, therefore, recommended that the input of nitrogen fertilizer should be properly reduced, and the inputs of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be increased in the maize fields of Shaanxi Province.

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Shan Yan, Li Shuiyan, Li Ru, Shi Lei, Tong Yanan. Analysis of soil fertility and fertilizer efficiency of maize field in Shaanxi[J]. Acta Pedologica Sinica,2015,52(6):1430-1437.

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