Medicinal Liquid Diffusion and Weed Control Effect Based on Drip Irrigation System Under Maize Film

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Supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (No. 2021YFD1400200), the Science and Technology Project of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, China (No. 2021-1-174) and the Key Project of Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Regional Innovation Center for Support System of Gansu Province, China (No. 2021GAAS54)

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    【Objective】 This study aimed to explore the possibility of herbicide application in a drip irrigation system. To do this, the relationship between the application technology of soil closed herbicide and the control effect of weeds in the field were studied by using a drip irrigation system under film.【Method】 Under three different drip irrigation belt spacing, 40% ethyl atrazine emulsion was applied in three ways. After the drip application, the herbicide concentration in soil samples in different distribution areas was evaluated. In order to provide a scientific basis for rational application of drip irrigation weed control technology in a maize field and enrich drip irrigation application theory, the control effect was investigated in the stage of weed occurrence. 【Result】 The results showed that the distribution of herbicide in soil after it was applied was not related to the laying distance of drip irrigation belt, but was related to washing time of water after the last application. The longer the washing time, the lower the concentration of acetochlor in soil, the obvious vertical settlement, and the shorter the radial diffusion distance. Through drip application, the control effect of weed plant and fresh weight was the best after 15 min of drip irrigation, 30 min of drip irrigation and 5 min of drip irrigation. 【Conclusion】 It is feasible to apply soil sealing herbicide with drip irrigation in a mulched maize field, which can save time, labor and energy, and provide a new method for early weed control in a maize field. Nevertheless, it is necessary to carry out practical technology optimization research according to different pesticide types and properties.

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GUO Zhijie, ZHANG Haiying, LI Jianjun, XU Shengjun, JING Zhuoqiong, LÜ Heping. Medicinal Liquid Diffusion and Weed Control Effect Based on Drip Irrigation System Under Maize Film[J]. Acta Pedologica Sinica,2023,60(4):1183-1191.

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  • Published: July 28,2023