Grazing Effect on Activity and Diversity of Soil Methanotrophs in Winter Pastures of the Loess Plateau

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Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 91751204, 41877062, and 41530857)

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    【Objective】 Soil methanotrophs are the only biological sink of atmospheric methane (CH4). Grazing can regulate the methane oxidation activity of the soil by affecting the abundance and diversity of soil methanotrophs. 【Method】 In this study, we collected soil samples in winter pasture from different intensities of continuous grazing on typical grasslands in the Loess Plateau and used laboratory incubation and high-throughput sequencing to determine methane oxidation activity, composition and abundance of soil methanotrophs.【Result】 The results showed that the grassland was CH4sink, and the medium grazing (MG) and high grazing (HG) intensity increased the rate of methane oxidation. Meanwhile, the mean abundance of methanotrophs in HG and MG also increased significantly compared with CK. The results of high-throughput sequencing showed that grazing had a significant impact on the diversity of methanotrophs, Upland soil cluster gamma (USCγ) was the dominant methanotrophic group under different grazing intensities, and a small amount of Methylocaldum and Methylocystis were also present. Pearson correlation analysis showed that methane oxidation rate (MOR) showed a significant positive correlation with soil moisture content and NO3--N content (P< 0.05), and significantly positively correlated with the absolute amount of USCγ (P< 0.01), which indicated that USCγ played a major role in the process of methane uptake in this grassland.【Conclusion】 This study proved that grazing can improve the methane sink function of typical grasslands in the Loess Plateau.

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WANG Yufang, CAI Yuanfeng, HOU Fujiang, BOWATTE Saman, JIA Zhongjun. Grazing Effect on Activity and Diversity of Soil Methanotrophs in Winter Pastures of the Loess Plateau[J]. Acta Pedologica Sinica,2023,60(4):1146-1155.

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  • Published: July 28,2023