Explore the “Transparent” Soils: Soilporelogy Has Sailed

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    Soil is a porous medium composed of solid, liquid and gas phases. Soil physical, chemical and biological processes mainly occur in soil pores that are filled with liquid or gas and at the interface of soil pore and solid. With the rapid development of non-destructive detection tools that can reveal the three-dimensional(3D) structure of soil pore system, the in situ methods to measure soil biochemical processes, coupled with computer simulations capacity, it is now possible to study dynamic soil processes intuitively and accurately at pore scale considering soil pore morphology, structure and function. This can provide in-depth understanding of soil microscopic hydro-ecological processes and functions that occur in real soil environment. Based on soil pore related research progresses, we propose that the era of the physics of transparent soils, i.e. Soilporelogy, has sailed. Soilporelgy studies soil physical, chemical and biological properties and processes and their interactions from the viewpoint of soil pore space. In this paper, we firstly introduced the methodological progress to acquire the 3D soil pore structure, and then discussed the experimental and simulation studies based on fluid movement, biochemical processes, root and biological activities, as well as soil microscopic eco-hydrology in soil pores. Finally, we proposed the research methods and theoretical development direction of Soilporelogy. It is quite promising that the study based on soil pores will promote the new development of soil science research.

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LI Baoguo, ZHOU Hu, WANG Gang, LIU Gang, GAO Weida, ZHU Kun, CHEN Chong. Explore the “Transparent” Soils: Soilporelogy Has Sailed[J]. Acta Pedologica Sinica,2023,60(5):1221-1230.

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  • Received:May 31,2023
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  • Online: August 22,2023
  • Published: September 28,2023