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引用本文:鞠 兵,吴克宁,李 玲,查理思,陈 壮,王文静,冯力威.河南省典型淋溶土土系划分研究[J].土壤学报,2015,52(1):38-47. DOI:10.11766/trxb201307040313
Ju Bing,Wu Kening,Li Ling,Zha Lisi,Chen Zhuang,Wang Wenjing,Feng Liwei.Classification of typical Argosols of Henan Province at soil series level of Chinese Soil Taxonomy[J].Acta Pedologica Sinica,2015,52(1):38-47. DOI:10.11766/trxb201307040313
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鞠 兵1, 吴克宁2, 李 玲3, 查理思1, 陈 壮1, 王文静1, 冯力威1
在河南省选取8个典型土壤剖面,对其进行景观特征、剖面形态学特征的描述及其理化性质的分析,并确定其在土壤系统分类(Chinese Soil Taxonomy)中的归属,结果表明,供试土壤归属于壤质混合型石灰性温性普通简育干润淋溶土、壤质混合型非酸性温性斑纹简育湿润淋溶土、黏壤质混合型温性斑纹钙积干润淋溶土、黏壤质混合型温性普通钙积干润淋溶土、壤质混合型石灰性温性普通简育湿润淋溶土和壤质混合型非酸性温性普通简育湿润淋溶土等6个土族;并在此土族基础上,根据土系划分规则和河南地区淋溶土诊断特征及构型特征,尝试提出“土系对比检索逻辑图”以阐述土系参比划分的逻辑过程。通过对比,可将8个典型土壤剖面划分为7个土系:汤阴系、汲水系、神沟系、尚庄系、侯集系、枣林系和尚店系。
关键词:  诊断层  诊断特性  土壤系统分类  土系  基层分类
Classification of typical Argosols of Henan Province at soil series level of Chinese Soil Taxonomy
Ju Bing1, Wu Kening1, Li Ling2, Zha Lisi1, Chen Zhuang1, Wang Wenjing1, Feng Liwei3
1.School of Land Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing);2.Agronomy College, Henan Agricultural University;3.School of Land Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing),
With advanced categories of the Chinese Soil Taxonomy established, focus of the research has been shifted to basic categories in recent years. As one of the major soil orders in the Chinese Soil Taxonomy, Argosols in Henan Province includes some quite different soil types according to the diagnostic criteria. A total of 8 typical soil profiles were selected and their landscape features, morphogenetic descriptions, physical and chemical data were analyzed and their positions in the Chinese Soil Taxonomy defined. Results indicate that the 8 soils could be sorted into 6 soil families, which are Loam mixed calcareous mesic Typic Hapli-Ustic Argosols, Loam mixed nonacid mesic Mottlic Hapli-Udic Argosols, Clay loam mixed mesic Mottlic Calci-Ustic Argosols, Clay loam mixed mesic Typic Calci-Ustic Argosols, Loam mixed calcareous mesic Typic Hapli-Udic Argosols and Loam mixed nonacid mesic Typic Hapli-Udic Argosols. On such a basis and in the light of the rules for soil series division and diagnostic features and structural characteristics of Argosols in Henan, attempts were made to set forth a logic diagram for reference and retrieval of soil series to illustrate the logical processes involved in reference and division of soil series. Through reference, the typical soils, with the 8 soil profiles as representatives, are sorted into 7 soil series, that is, Tangyin Series, Jishui Series, Shengou Series, Shangzhuang Series, Houji Series, Zaolin Series and Shangdian Series.
Key words:  Diagnostic horizons  Diagnostic characteristics  Chinese Soil Taxonomy  Soil series  Basic categories of soil classification